Ego Death Acid – LSD Overview

Ego Death Acid - LSD Overview

It sounds very strange when someone says ego death. But believe it is an actual phenomenon which was very in fashion during the 1960s. Even though abuse of drugs which causes ego death are now banned in many countries, people. Uses ego death acid. Ego death occurs due to excessive or continuous use of LSD. LSD is also known as ego death acid. Ego death acid increase self-awareness and may lead to loss of self-identity.

What is ego death?

Ego death is also known as psychic death. It can be defined as loss of a person’s self-identity. Ego death means a symbolic transition that can renew a person’s spirituality. Dr. Timothy Leary, was a well-known doctor and scientist was against the use of LSD.  He believed that using a psychedelic drug like LSD that break a person’s mental health. It can result in denial of expectations, goals, materialism, etc. 

Ego death refers to mystic and altered state of consciousness and heightened awareness. People used to use psychedelic drugs to increase their consciousness and hence it was earlier used by many writers, such as Aldous Huxley- he was a philosopher and author of the book Brave New World and many other famous best-selling books. Alan Watts was also a proponent of Zen. A psychiatrist Carl Jung had also popularized the notion of a psychic death as transformation of human psyche and higher level of consciousness. 

Ego death occurs due to multiple or excessive use of LSD. The LSD abuser is also referred as ego dissolution.

Ego dissolution is the feeling when the boundaries between themselves and the rest of the world are dissolved. The person tends to feel connected to everything. It is psychic state of mind which can be suicidal.

What is Ego death acid / LCD? |Its discovery

LSD is lysergic acid diethylamide. It was originally used to aid childbirth. This death acid was developed by chemist Albert Hoffman, who later began to experiment with this drug. He discovered its psychedelic properties.

Hence it eventually was being used for psychiatric issues. It became a popular psychedelic drug with fringe groups, such as beat generation and hippies in 1960s. but soon the government authorities categorized it a potentially dangerous drug/substance. 

LSD was classified as schedule I controlled substance by DEA- united states drug enforcement administration. Although it was of medicinal use particularly in treatment of mental health disorders. 

The drug of 1960s had psychedelic properties. It is a hallucinogenic drug, whose primary effect is hallucination, distort the reality and enhance the perceptual experiences like seeing colors as far brighter than they are, hearing sounds more acutely, etc. These drugs were also believed to give high level of self-awareness that religious or spiritual disciplines try to achieve. LSD is also known as ego death acid. 

These ego death acids are psychedelic drugs along with some beneficial uses. Dr. Timothy Leary published the uses of ego death acid.

But its abuse was never accepted in the Unite States and Europe. Ego death acid was believed that it has mind expanding properties. Ego death acid/LSD has ability to connect different parts of the brain that normally do not readily connect with each other. When a person is under influence of LSD continuously then, it may lead to mental disbalance and can cause serious diseases.  But it has temporary effect, it resolves once the effect of drug has worn off. Continuous abuse of LSD/ego death acid can expand one’s consciousness and it may led to more symbolic ego death. 

Dr. Timothy Leary himself consulted Huxley and used psychedelic mushroom and LSD to increase his consciousness. It became a major advocate in its use. And to follow the path of intellectuals who had also been rebellious. 

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I Died In My Dream!

Bad or good – ego death?

Ego death does not mean physical death or damaging to an individual. Ego death can be a step to enlightenment and self-awareness. It doesn’t necessarily mean that a person has escaped his/her ego (self-awareness). Instead it means that a person has become more self-aware while transforming their ego into something broader. 

It is not a typical mental disorder, sometimes it is more like seeking enlightenment. The notion of psychic death or ego death is not commonly discussed in the clinical circle. There is no such thing to quantify the measure of one’s ego. But many researchers and psychologists have been on these disciplinaries. It is considered a symbolic concept. there is no knonwn amount of LSD identified or any other guidlines associated to it that developes ego death. one uses the psychedelic drugs like LSD to expand their minds and that leads to different levels of selfawareness and self realization.

hence in my opinion is not be used excessively or continuously. it may lead to question your strong believes. it should be used one for mental illnesses treatment.