How Are Transgenders Born

How Are Transgenders Born

Since you guys must be already knowing that sex and gender are two different terms.  So basically a person’s sex is his or her biological status that is either male or femal. Doctors primarily determines the sex of child by physical characteristics, then by chromosomes, reproductive anatomy and sex hormones. But it is more than that. It also takes the emotional, mental and psychological aspects into considerations. When we look up into these aspects there are genders apart from male and femal. Like transgender, intersex, etc.  Now as we are  looking on transgender and intersex what you guys think it is a biological phenomena or psychological condition? What are your views on how are transgenders are born? Do they exist between us? I know answers to these question are not very clear in your head. Lets begin with understanding how are transgenders born?

What is Transgender?

Have you ever wondered how transgenders are born? Transgender is the people whose gender identity is different from the gender it was predicted at their birth. Transgender comes across world irrespective of race, ethical, background region, etc. They are about 1.4 million or more transgender adults in the US. More than millions of them are across the world.  The child’s identity is predicted based on the external feature. For most of the people who are declared male grows up as a man and who is declared female grows up as a woman. But for some people their innate knowledge of who they are, is different from what was initially expected at the time of birth. So these will be called as transgender.

Transgender Woman

A transgender woman is those who were thought they were male at the time of birth but they live as a woman now.

Transgender Man

A transgender man is those who were thought they were female at the time of birth but they live as a man now.

Some transgenders are neither male nor female. They are not entirely male or entirely female. Their gender identity is non-binary. Non-binary is also known as gender queer. So everyone whether a transgender or not have a gender identity.

Gender is not a big deal for those whose gender matches to their sex at birth. Most of the transgender are not aware of their gender growing up. Some of them got to know at an early age and some may be in their 20s. Transgender meanings mean different to different people so the best way to understand transgender is talking to them and listen to their story.

How do people realize that they are Transgender?

The person can realize that he/she is a transgender at any age. They just knew. Other may take time to accept that or realize that fact about his/her gender identity. People start to think that they don’t fit in which is not true. Some people shame their identity because of our society, how this society will them? if they will accept them or not? They avoid the fact that they are transgender. They don’t take about their gender out of fear. Many a time they kept being confused about the reality. In such a case trying to repress his/her identity is not a solution. It is not good for one’s mental and physical health. We should be accepting of one’s identity so the person will not feel ashamed for his/her own identity.

Since nowadays they are more visible in media so more and more transgender is coming out there accepting his/her own identity. But this situation not very good in every region across the world. We should make them more comfortable and safer in sharing their feeling. Some transgender decides to do gender transition just to fit into this society. Transgender people risk their social stigma when they tell the truth about their identity. Sometimes the family, friends, co-worker are accepting but sometimes they are not. But apart from these facts being open about their identity and living in their own terms is a lifesaving decision.

The difference between Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity

Both the terms sexual orientation and gender identity are totally different. Gender identity is our knowledge of our own gender. For example, you know you are a man, woman, or any other gender.

Sexual orientation is to whom you are attracted to. Just like non-transgender, transgender people can also have any sexual orientation. For example, a transgender man may be attracted to other man or maybe to a woman. Those who are attracted to man are known as a gay man. Those who are attracted to a woman are known as straight man.

Difference between Transgender and being Intersex?

We use both of these terms interchangeably. But both have different meanings.

Intersex is those whose reproductive anatomy doesn’t match the typical definition of male or female. Their identity is generally discovered at the time of birth only.

Being transgender is the person’s internal knowledge of their identity. A trans gender’s body matches the normal reproductive anatomy of either male or female. But they know their gender should be different.

We usually think that determining someone’s gender is just checking the reproductive anatomy but it is a lot more than that.
According to recent analysis around 4000 children are born every year whose gender cannot be estimated by a set of characteristics. They can’t be easily classified as male or female. The child whose body is looks like both male and female are intersexes. For example, if a person is born with XY chromosome (which is a gene for the boy) have female genitals and secondary sexual characteristics. Other may have XX chromosome but don’t have the uterus or any external anatomy they don’t appear clearly male or female.

A person can be both intersex and transgender but most of the time they are either intersex or transgender.

Cause of Transgender / How Are Transgenders Born

A lot of theories came up but no one is able to explain exactly how are transgenders born. What makes someone transgender. There has being a lot of research in the context of how are transgenders born. While explaining how are transgenders born both psychological and biological causes are taken in consideration. There can be different causes for different individuals.

According to the researches lately, it has been said that the incorrect amount of miss-timed male hormones during their fetal stage of fetal development creates a transgendered person. It can be male or female.

If we look biologically then, a female is produced unless male androgens are supplied at the correct time and in the right amount. There are also physiological and mental gray areas among male and female absolutes. There are many theories regarding its relation to a genetic model of causality.

So It has been concluded that it is a medical condition not a psychiatric disorder, so it completely normal if a person is a transgender.

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