How To Generate Negative Ions

How To Generate Negative Ions

So I will start with “how to generate negative ions?” by telling you guys some interesting facts about negative ions. Do you know that negative ions can boost your depressed mood? I know right, this is something you must have never heard before, but yes they do boost up your mood, especially during winters.

Although it is called negative but it has a lot of positive effects.

According to physics definition, positive ions are those atoms or molecules that have lost 1 or more electrons. And negative ions are those atoms or molecules that have gained one or more electrons.

It can also generate a feeling of wellness. This fact will surely make you read how to generate negative ions? A few of device that we use in our home emit positive ions like microwaves, air conditioners, etc. But to feel better you need not buy an ion generator. You can generate negative ions very easily.

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Benefits of Negative Ions:

  1. It stabilizes blood pressure.
  2. It improves the functioning of the cardiovascular system.
  3. It accelerates the repairing process in our body.
  4. It helps to strengthen the bones.
  5. It improves the respiratory system.
  6. It improves the nervous system.

Where you can find Negative Ions?

As in this article, I am answering how to generate negative ions let’s understand the actual sources of negative ions. Negative ions are present in a high concentration around our surroundings. We can find negative ions in beeches, mountains, forests, waterfalls, sunlight, falling water, ocean, lightning, etc.  This gave you an idea that Niagara Falls is a rich place for negative ions. Positive ions are also known as free radicals. Positive ions may have a negative effect on our body. But negative ions have a healing effect that is very good for our mind, body, and soul. Negative ions have an extra electron. In nature, there is a balance of positive and negative ions.

There are a few products in the market these days like negative ion bracelets, it says it is designed to convert positive ion into good ones. So they can help to boost up the human body.

Have you ever heard of salt therapy? It is another answer to how to generate negative ions? Salts have negative ions. The salts are present in lamps, candle, candle holder, etc. which shows some benefits in soothing our mind. You may have used a warm water and salt in it in your stress full days.

Just like a natural waterfall, you can create a waterfall at home. It will work in the same way that a natural one would do. Negative ions are produced due to disturbance of water molecules. It causes electrons to break off, and it displaces.

How to generate negative ions:

1. Showering with hot water

Showering with hot water can strip off water molecules and displaces an electron. It will go on to join other atoms. It is true that people felt happier by showering with warm water, especially under seashores and waterfalls because of the negative ions present in the waterfalls. There was a lot of research going on how to generate negative ions? An experiment was conducted with a person having the seasonal affective disorder(SAD). He sat in a room for 30 minutes with a negative charged ions producer to match the summer air. Summer air has more negative ions than winter air. It was concluded after several weeks that the person felt less depressed after this. Whereas the person who was given on treatment felt on change. This clearly proves that negative ions are present in waterfalls and can boost someone’s mood.

2. Keeping plants around you

Plants are another answer to how to generate negative ions? Plants emit negative ions. It is the easiest, eco-friendly, cheapest way to generate negative ions naturally.  Obviously, it will not emit a lot of negative ions but It emits enough negative ions to create positivity at your homes.

3. By indoor fountains

Just like natural waterfalls, homemade fountains can generate negative ions.

4. By beeswax

It is a natural source of producing negative ions. When Beeswax is burned it gives a lot of negative ions. It can help to purify air and improve the mood of a person. there are a lot of beeswax candles available in markets is based on fact that it produces negative ions.

5. By natural salt/Himalayan natural crystal salt

Natural Salt is a good source of negative ion s. There are few products available such as Himalayan crystal salt lamp to refresh mood.

6. Stones as a source of negative ions

There are a lot of stones which can produce negative ions. Such as Tourmaline Stone, Amethyst Crystal, etc. using these stone you can boost up your mood

Tourmaline stones and other stones which produces negative ions are wearing as bracelets, necklace, etc.

7. Air purifiers

Air purifiers can generate negative ions.

8. By using radiant heating

Radiant heating from far infrared devices emits negative ions. They warm up the body.

9. bon or hearth fires

bonfires can generate negative ions. Sitting in front of bonfire can warm up the body as well as provide you negative ions.

10. Walk barefoot

you may have heard this from your elders that walking barefoot is very beneficial for health. Have you ever wondered the science behind that? The actual science behind walking barefoot beneficial for health is it generates negative ions which provide all the health benefits to boost up the mood. There are earthing/grounding shoes or sandals available in markets.

when you come in direct contact to Earth, your body is filled with negative ions. It aligns us in same electrical energy as the level of Earth.

These are the 10 techniques on How To Generate Negative Ions.

Thank you.

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