I Died In My Dream!

I Died In My Dream

This morning, my alarm woke me up at 6:30 am, this perhaps was the first time I was happy to hear its sound. You guys want to know why? Because I died in my dream. I dreamt that my blood pressure was low enough to put me in a coma and then I actually died. Even talking about it scares me. I hope everyone loves himself/herself enough that you probably would not think of something like that. Immortality is not a real thing. Everyone has to die. But still, your own death is scary. At some point in your life, you may have dreamt of your own death or someone you love, his/her death. Yes, it is very common to dream of death.

Are you wondering what do dream about death means? Why we tend to get such scary dream even when we never thought of being dead? Have you ever got a dream of death when everything in life was actually going well.?  Are left with questions like are these nightmares? Or these are signs of becoming less afraid of our own death? Let’s start answering to your questions.

Can you actually die in your dreams?

Like you guys I also heard a rumor about dreams that you can’t actually die in your dreams. When you come close to death, you suddenly wake up. I have had plenty of dreams about my impending death. Some people believe that if you actually die in your dream that means total loss of the ego. But don’t worry, it is not true. It is a myth. Dreaming of your own death doesn’t imply loss of ego. According to the international association for the study of dreams, the idea that you have to die in real life to dream of your own death is a myth. 

What does this dream mean “I died in my dreams!”?

First of all, death symbolizes an ending or transition in one’s life. That doesn’t necessarily mean you will actually die in real life soon. Obviously, immortality is not a thing now a day. Everyone has to die but that doesn’t you will die because you died in your dream. According to psychotherapist Jeffery Sumber told that “I died in my dreams actually symbolizes an ending or transition in your life that is happening in recent past. It can be a phase of your life, a job transition, a relationship ending, etc. That clarify the fact that a dream does not symbolizes one’s death.

It means inner changes, transformation, self-discovery and a positive development in your life. That happens when you are going through a transitional phase and are becoming more enlightened or spiritual. I know such a dream can make you anxious and give you a little fear, just keep in mind that it is a positive symbol. It is just a symbolism of big changes in your life. You are moving ahead and leaving the past behind. If you will consider any of the superstition behind this, it will mess up your mind and make you more anxious. So instead of believing in superstitions I would suggest you to take the words of psychotherapist.

 If you are thinking the dream is just a nightmare because you are afraid of death.

Then you are totally correct. The psychotherapist Sumber also said, “I can potentially learn that part of me is not at peace with the notion of my own death or the ending of something big in my life. I have the opportunity to look within, take stock of myself and make adjustment as needed.”

Also, if you dream that someone is telling you that you are going to die very soon. 

Then it symbolizes that you are being pressurized to make a big change or choice in your life.  It is mark of new life adventure. And now if I think what my dream was about? I can answer that, I just moved out of my parent’s house to a hostel which is quiet a big change for me. If you are also living in a hostel after living at home nearly your whole life, you could relate to me.

As we are talking about, “I died in my dream”. You may have dreamt when you woke up just before you died in your dream. The only explanation that convinced my logical side is by Sumber. He says,” the mind’s computer just does not have enough data to complete the simulation.” That simply means we don’t really understand what happens to s after our bodies die. We lack in imagination when it comes to death. 

When we dream about the death of loved one.

Then, it may suggest that the loved one has no part in your life anymore. Don’t worry this not the only explanation to such dream. This dream can also mean that you are undergoing a significant change. Your relationship with your parents has evolved into a new realm. It means to be mature and let do off thing and be more serious.

Do you need a doctor?

These dreams speak about overall anxiety and confusion. Just recognize that fear of yours and analyze yourself if you really need help or not. It is always good to consult a doctor if you think you need expert’s help. And don’t be afraid to dream. I just want to say sweet dreams to all you of guys.

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