Sunscreen Benefits: 10 importance of sunscreen on face

In our daily lives, most of us use sunscreen during the daytime. But do you know exactly what sunscreen is? What are its benefits? What are the reasons that we apply sunscreen? What is the importance of sunscreen? What is the Sunscreen Benefits? If you guys don’t know what are the answers to these questions then you are at right place. This article is all about sunscreen.

What is Sunscreen?

Sunscreen is a cosmetic product which protects us from UV rays. UV rays are ultraviolet rays which can cause damages to our skin. Those damages can be as severe as skin cancer and as acute as tanning, sunburn, pigmentation, etc. These UV rays come from sunlight. There are 2 types of UV rays – UVA and UVB.

Sunscreen Benefits / Importance of Sunscreen

Let’s discuss UVA and UVB and what do they do to our skin. UVA is a long-range ultraviolet which means it can penetrate into our skin. It can penetrate our thickest layer dermis. Therefore, it can cause long-term damages. Whereas UVB is a short-range ultraviolet. it damages the superficial layer of the skin.

Let’s understand Sunscreen Benefits more details:

1. Protects our skin from harmful UV rays.

I think it is one of the reasons you guys are already aware of. Applying sunscreen block the UV rays from penetrating into our skin.

2. Prevents sunburn.

For those who don’t know what is sunburn? Sunburn is the skin’s response towards UV rays damage. It appears to be red in color. It weakens the skin cells.

3. Prevent premature aging.

It acts like a shield on our skin. Sunscreen prevents premature aging. According to recent studies, sunscreen decreases about 24% fewer chances for the aging of the skin.

4. It prevents tanning.

This is the most common reason because of which people tend to use sunscreen. But in many countries, people take sunbath for getting that natural tan but that increase harmful risks caused by UVB rays.

5. Enhances your natural beauty.

It can decrease wrinkles, fine lines, dark spots, hyperpigmentation, etc. It has necessary proteins like collagen, elastin, keratin, etc.

6. Decreases the risk of getting cancer.

As it prevents direct exposer of sunlight to the skin, a risk of cancer is minimal. The ozone layer is the root cause of all the skin related diseases. Due to depletion in the ozone layer, the chance of getting skin cancer has been increased twice the number it was previously. The harmful rays are allowed by the ozone layer.

8. Used to prevent decoloration.

The red spot also known as rosacea can be prevented by applying sunscreen.

9. Prevents blotchiness on our face.

This arises from the onset of acne.

10. Cosmetic alternative to the high-end product.

Just apply tinted sunscreen can give you a bright and fresh look. Hence It can be used as a foundation. Such a good product is Lakme 9 to 5 sunscreen. If you will apply that you need not apply anything else on your face hence it decreases the number of cosmetics you use on daily basis. Lesser the product lesser will be the damage.

11.  It is affordable.

I know most of the people will doubt about on this statement but it is true. There is a lot of sunscreen available which is affordable and good for all skin type.

12. Protect more than full sleeved.

A Sunscreen offers more Protection than just a full sleeved dressed. A thin coat of sunscreen is enough to protect you from harmful UV rays.

These days there are a lot of products available on the market. People buy it according to their skin type. Skin type can be dry to normal, normal to combination skin, combination skin to oily skin. In my opinion, I choose sunscreen primarily according to its SPF.

What is SPF?

SPF is the sun protection factor. It tells us how well a sunscreen can protect us from UVB rays. After exposure of 10 minutes in sunlight, a person tends to damage his/her skin. So if a sunscreen of SPF 15 can protect us from sunscreen for 150 minutes. Means for any SPF multiplied by factor 10 can tell us the duration. Know more about SPF.

What is SPF?

How to use Sunscreen?

We have seen all the Sunscreen Benefits. Now, let’s understand how to apply sunscreen. Protection from the sun depends on the quantity of sunscreen used. Ideally, we should use 2mg. Most of the people use half or one-fourth amount of sunscreen. Which means if you are using SPF 15 then it will have the effectiveness of SPF 5.5 only. Although sunscreens claim for the duration of its application. But expects says we should use minimum SPF i.e., SPF 15 and reapply it after every 2 hours.

Choose the right sunscreen for you. Always look for this ingredient in your sunscreen.

1. Titanium dioxide
2. Zinc oxide
3. Avobenzone
4. OMC (octyl methoxycinnamate)

Here are the best sunscreen products for your face.

Always choose broad spectrum sunscreen for yourself

The sunscreen should not be comedogenic.

Choose a sunscreen which is waterproof as you are going outside you must be sweating almost all day. Also, always apply a proper amount of sunscreen on face and body. You should apply sunscreen half an hour before going outside under the sun.

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