What Do Vegans Eat?

What Do Vegans Eat


Veganism is another trend going on in 2019. More and more people are converting into vegan which is a good initiative toward our beloved earth. It is a good initiative toward our animals. Over several years, humans have been exploiting animals for food, shelter, clothes, and what not so. But now a day there is a number of products available in the market which are cruelty free which means, no animals are harmed during the making of products or any product tested on them. This article is dedicated to people who want to go vegan and don’t know what to eat and what products to use for being vegan or just want to know what do vegans eat?

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What is veganism?

Veganism is a way of living far from any form of exploitation or cruelty to animals for food, clothes, or any products like that. One of the ways of becoming vegan is having an only plant-based diet. People following a vegan diet don’t eat any flesh containing meal like chicken, fish, goat, beef, insects, etc. People who have become vegan don’t have dairy, eggs and honey as well. Veganism is not limited to eating certain foods but also not using products tested on animals or any animal derived materials.

History of veganism: 

Veganism has been defined in early 1944. Leslie J Cross in 1949 said that veganism lacks a definition. He suggested the concept of liberating the exploitation of animals by man. His main motive was to put an end to use of animals for food, work, hunting, etc. the vegan society was first established in 1964 as a charity. The definition of veganism may have changed over the year but its motives are same. It is a philosophy and a way of living excluded from the exploitation of animals for food or any sort of products and promote the use of animal free alternatives for ourselves.

What vegans don’t eat?

Being vegan simply means not exploiting animals for our need, so that clearly states you should be eating food which is purely plant based. one should not eat meat, chicken, fish, shellfish, eggs, dairy, honey, etc. Also try to avoid foods that contains any ingredients that came through animal

What do vegan eats?

Since veganism promotes cruelty-free products and mainly away from products obtained from animals, so the person will need to follow a certain type of diet which don’t include meat, chicken or any sorts of flesh from animal and dairy. People following veganism don’t even eat or use certain products which are tested on animals. A vegan diet includes rich vegetables, fruits, seeds. Beans, etc. which are rich in nutrients and at the same time is not exploiting animals. There are a lot of alternatives to dairy products as well as which are may be a healthier option than a traditional dairy product. 

Some of the example of Dairy Alternatives for Vegan which can help you make wiser choices are:

Milk alternatives for vegans

  1. Almond milk: Almond milk has lesser calories than dairy milk or soya milk which makes them a healthier option. It has small amount of fat and contains healthy unsaturated fats. It is also rich in calcium.
  2. Cashew milk: cashew milk is a great alternative of dairy milk especially for baking. again, it also has healthier fats. It is good for health for diabetic patient. It contains 2 g of carbs per severing which is great for a person who is watching out for calories.
  3. Hazelnut milk: it is nutty flavored milk. It is a good option for milk alternative but it has slightly higher calories and less protein than above alternatives. It aids in digestion and good for lowering cholesterol. It is also good for baking.
  4. Hemp milk: it’s obtained from seeds of the Hemp plant. It has linolenic acid and omega 3 fatty acid, which is good for the heart and brain. It also has a nutty taste.
  5. Oat milk: it is sweet in taste and it has a thin consistency. It has moderate calories and has more protein than most of the milk which are plant based. It has more fibre. It is good for digestion and helps in lowering cholesterol level. But it has more carbs and sugar even without any sweetener. So diabetic patients should stay away from oat milk. 
  6. Soya milk: It is nutritional milk and is very similar to cow’s milk. It has moderate calories and a good source of protein and calcium. It has isoflavones and phytosterols which is good for providing protection against cancer, osteoporosis and other diseases. It also helps in lowering cholesterol.
  7. Spelt milk: it is moderate in calories and low in protein. But it does contain gluten so maybe not an apt choice for most of the people as it can make you feel bloated.
  8. Coconut milk: it is thin in consistency and rich in iron, potassium, magnesium and zinc. Zinc is very good for reducing bloating. It contains lauric acid which is good for immune system. But it is high in saturated fats.

Cheese alternatives for vegans:

  1. Tofu gouda: it is made of tofu and potatoes. It has nutty and buttery taste 
  2. Cashew brie: it also has a nutty and fruity taste. 
  3. Raw cashew almond cheese: it is also a good alternative for dairy cheese.
  4. Aquafaba mozzarella: aquafaba is a chickpea brine and mixed with cashew to make a dairy free cheese.
  5. Potato carrot cheese
  6. Pink peppercorn nut cheese, etc

Curd/Yogurt alternatives for vegans:

  1. Soy yogurt: It is a very nutritious yogurt for vegans. It resembles dairy yogurt a lot. It is similar in consistency and flavor as of dairy yogurt. It is easily available.
  2. Rice yogurt: It is made up of rice protein known as rice milk. It also has an active culture as in diary and soy yogurt. It is a similar flavor to that of dairy yogurt. It is especially good for people with soy allergies. Its consistency is a little thinner than that of dairy yogurt.
  3. Arrowroot yogurt: It is made up of ground arrowroot. It is a combination of thick fruit puree and probiotics. It is good for people with food allergies such as wheat gluten allergies. It is good for digestion. But its taste is a little different from dairy yogurt. It is slightly fruity and grainish in taste.
  4. Coconut yogurt: It Is made up of coconut milk. It has a creamy texture. It also contains active culture.

Butter alternatives for vegans:

  1. Baking oil: Baking oil can be replaced with baking oil. Also, only ¾ of oil is required to replace 1 cup of butter. 
  2. Avocado: It is a good replacement for healthy fats for baked items. It is high in healthy fats and has monosaturated fat that helps in lowering cholesterol. 
  3. Apple sauce: It is a good alternative for vegans and it cut downs a lot of calories at the same time. Puree of other fruit also serves as a good alternative to butter. 
  4. Coconut oil: It serves as a good alternative for dairy-based butter.

Honey alternatives for vegans:

  1. Agave nectar: It is sweetener obtained from agave plant. It is sweeter than honey and has less viscous texture but almost tastes like honey. The darker the agave nectar is, the caramelly it tastes and lighter the agave nectar is more like delicate honey.
  2. Coconut nectar: It is obtained from coconut palm. It has a sweet and tangy taste but surprisingly, it has no coconut flavor. It is low glycemic.
  3. Maple syrup: It is obtained from xylem sap of sugar maple, red maple and black maple tree. 
  4. Molasses: It is made by refining sugarcane or sugar beets. 
  5. Barley malt syrup: It is obtained from sprouted barley, that is roasted and cooked down to syrup.
  6. Brown rice syrup: It is made by exposing cooked brown rice to enzymes that will break down starch into smaller sugar and then the impurities are filtered out leaving behind a thick caramel.

Meat alternatives for vegans:

Since veganism is strictly not consuming any animal derived product. Vegans can eat the following food items to compensate the amount of protein and other nutrients that one can get are: – 

  1. Beans
  2. Lentils
  3. Tofu
  4. Soya
  5. Nuts
  6. Seeds
  7. Seitan, etc.

Being vegan does not mean you need to survive on veggies only. There are many food options to choose from to make such a change in your diet such as veggie burger, pasta, hummus wraps, smoothies, nachos, etc. soya chunks are a great alternative for meat cravings. Eggs can alternate with tofu. Honey can be swapped with maple syrup which is a healthier option. There are an array of fruits and vegetables to eat and make your food interesting. Eating seeds like chia seed, flaxseed, etc. can be swapped as a good source of protein. There are vegan protein powders also available in the market. If you are eating out, try to look for a vegetarian option. Also, nowadays many vegan restaurants have opened who serves vegan food which makes eating out easier.

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